Planned Features and Upcoming Releases

Morra Games Roadmap

Phase One: Laying the Foundation

Studio Establishment

  • Formally establish Morra Games as a web3 mobile game studio.

  • Assemble a diverse team of experienced game developers and blockchain experts.

  • Launch the Morra: The Awakening NFT collection, introducing a new concept in NFT gaming.

  • Conduct successful Zealy Quest to engage the community

  • Distribute NFTs.

Phase Two: Building Momentum

Begin Alpha Testing

  • Mythya Alpha Pass free mint

  • Karnak Legacy Alpha Passfree mint

  • Mythya and Karnka Legacy internal test

  • Initiate close testing for Mythya pass holders, gathering valuable player feedback for improvements.

  • Initiate close testing for Karnak Legacy pass holders, a unique first-person shooter with strategic elements.

Phase Three: Building Momentum 2.0

Public Alpha

  • Launch a public alpha for Mythya and Karnak Legacy, expanding testing to a wider audience and refining gameplay.

  • NFT integration for Reward based system and Revenue Sharing system.

Phase Four: Establishing Presence


  • Mythya Initial Gods Offering (IGO) for legendary, epic, elite and common gods in a mystery box style.

  • Karnak Legacy Initial Raider Offering (IRO) for legendary, epic, elite and common raiders in a mystery box style.

  • Release Mythya and Karnak Legacy on android and iOS, marking Morra Games entry into the gaming market.

  • Continuously release updates, new levels, and expansions for both Mythya and Karnak Legacy.

Phase Five: Scaling and Innovation

Morra Governance, Future and Expansion

  • Implement Morra Games governance system, allowing the community to influence decisions.

  • Announce a new game title in development, showcasing Morra Games dedication to innovation.

  • Launch the new game title, broadening the range of offerings within the Morra Games ecosystem.

  • Achieve global recognition and a significant user base for all Morra Games titles.

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