Karnak Legacy

Unearth the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt in a Groundbreaking Multiplayer Shooter!

Karnak Legacy is the flagship product of Morra Games. This extraction multiplayer shooter game blends the allure of historical mythos with cutting-edge technology, offering an unparalleled gaming experience that will captivate both casual and seasoned players alike.

Embark on a Thrilling Adventure

In Karnak Legacy, players find themselves in the heart of ancient Egypt, where a long-lost treasure, the Karnak Scroll, holds the secrets to scientific advancements and untold power. As competing corporations launch a race to claim the scroll's knowledge, raiders are sent to Karnak to retrieve this ancient artifact. Players take on the role of elite raiders, traversing breathtaking landscapes, unearthing hidden ruins, and engaging in epic battles against other raiders from around the world.

Strategize and Dominate

As you collect Karnak Scrolls during your journey, strategically upgrade your weapons, unlock powerful attachments, craft advanced gear, and enhance your skills. Your success in the game depends on your ability to adapt, outmaneuver opponents, and secure the coveted Karnak Scroll.

Unleash Ancient Power

Explore the wonders of Karnak Scroll's ancient knowledge as you uncover new skills, elemental magic, and cutting-edge technology. From mastering the art of stealth to harnessing the power of the elements, each skill will set you apart on the battlefield, making your gameplay truly unique.

An Immersive World

Experience ancient Karnak like never before with Morra Games meticulous attention to detail. The game's breathtaking graphics and immersive soundscapes transport players to an ancient realm, where mysteries await at every turn.

Forge Alliances and Triumph Together

Karnak Legacy embraces the spirit of camaraderie and teamwork. Team up with friends or make new allies in exhilarating multiplayer modes. Together, you'll face off against rival agents, competing factions, and even AI-controlled adversaries. Cooperation and communication are essential to claim victory and solidify your legacy.

Unlock Secrets and Unravel the Story

As you progress through the game, the rich narrative unfolds, revealing the true significance of the Karnak Scroll and the secrets it holds. Your choices and actions will shape the story, making each player's journey a unique and compelling experience.

Be Part of Gaming History

Morra Games proudly presents Karnak Legacy, a groundbreaking multiplayer extraction shooter that fuses history, technology, and thrilling gameplay. With its innovative features, captivating storytelling, and endless opportunities for exploration, Karnak Legacy sets a new standard for multiplayer shooter games.

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